Scientific interest and research

The scientific interests concentrate on the biology of the methanotrophic bacteria with particular focus on possibility of their application in industrial biotechnology including latest trends and innovations in this field.

My current research is connected with realization of the PhD project. Aims of this work include isolation, identification and determination of the biotechnological potential of microorganisms originating from salt deposits.


Skills and methods

Knowledge of principles of the key areas of biotechnology, including molecular biology, bioremediation, biosynthesis, bioinformatics, and the diverse applications of these areas.


  1. Ability to cultivate microorganisms, determination of the methanotrophic activity, identification of microorganisms.
  2. Knowledge of molecular techniques such as: gel electrophoresis, DNA isolation PCR, FISH.
  3. Ability to perform laboratory analyzes using following equipment: gas chromatograph, high-performance liquid chromatography, UV-VIS spectrophotometer, TOC analyzer, fluorescence microscope.
  4. Knowledge of computer programs: Statistica, Sigma Plot, MEGA.

Ability to analytical thinking, plan research, draw conclusions from the experience and the preparation of papers with results of studies.