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Abstract. The article is devoted to Professor M. Choynowski as to one of the most
outstanding Polish psychologists of the past World War II generation.

The author, one of the former students and co-workers of Professor Choynowski,
reminds us the dramatic history of his scientific career in the context of the situation
in Polish sciences in the recent fifty years.

Professor (Choynowski contributed essentially to the development of Polish scientific
and academic milieus and Polish psychology in the second half of 20th c.

In the late 1940s he organised and conducted the scientific conversatory of Jagiello-
nian University assistants in Cracow, which integrated and stimulated scientific activity
and development of young Polish scientists, thinking independently and engaged in the
rebuilding of Polish science after the German occupation which deliberately destroyed
the intelligentsia.

In 1950-1956 he established and conducted the first modern psychological laboratory
in the psychiatric hospital in Kobierzyn near Cracow, which very quickly became a
centre of psychodiagnostics methods.

id 1956-1970 he organised and conducted the Psychometrical Laboratory of Polish
Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. This Laboratory played a very important role in Polish
psychological milieu. It built bridges between Polish and western psychologists and
between Polish and Central Europe psychologists, independently of political divisions.

Unfortunately, Choynowski's ideas of international integration and co-operation were
too early for Polish socio-political reality. So, his laboratory was liquidated and he was
forced to emigrate from Poland.

He spent his last thirty years in Mexico City engaged in the development of scienti-
fic psychology in Mexico. He died in Mexico on l Oct. 2001 at the age of 92, honored
by highest scientific awards by Mexican authorities. His death is a great loss to both
Polish and Mexican psychology and psychologists.

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