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(ks. Roman B. Sieroń)




ks. Ľubomír Pekarčík

Miłość w służbie pastoralnej Kościoła
Love in Pastoral Service of Church

Die ganze Kirche, in allen ihren Ebenen und Bereichen des Lebens, dringt die Aktivität durch ser Dienst der Liebe genannt. Die Liebe hebt unter den vielen Formen und Weisen des pastoralen Dienstes in der Kirche ab. Die Liebe der Kirche und in der Kirche ist nicht nur der Lebensinhlat der Gläubigen, aber auch eine Methode fur die Kirche ind fur alle Menschen, die im Name der Kirche und aus ihrer Beauftragung die pastoralen Dienste ausfuhren. Einerseits hat sie das Ziel, die Menschen zur Liebe zu fuhren, anderseits hat sie auch die Aufgabe die Liebe zu geben und diese Liebe den Menschen zu äussern, weil bloss die Liebe einen einzigen Weg des Menschen zu zukunftigem Wohlbehagen und zu ewiger Glucksgligkeit ist.



Jurij Paczkowski

Wandalizm w ocenie młodzieży szkolnej. Społeczna analiza problemu
Vandalism in the Opinion of School Young People: Social Analysis of the Problem


The phenomenon of vandalism, his modern forms and displays, are considered in the article. The results of the sociological research conducted among the Ukrainian senior pupils are pointed. Conclusions are done about actuality of the explored problem, coming from that among schoolboys there is no single opinion in the estimations of the explored phenomenon. From one side, vandalism is understood as conscious action, with other, as the unrealized act.


ks. Marek Kluz

Wychowanie do miłości, prawdy i wolności w rodzinie a wyzwania cywilizacji
Education for Love, Truth and Freedom in a Family and the Challenges Connected with Civilization

In the era of contemporary moral crisis, diverse problems and menaces of today's world, proper education and in particular the right education of understanding and feeling love, truth and freedom plays an essential role. Education of a young person for these values is fulfilled best in a family because a family influences young person's life to great extent. If education did not introduce these values, it would be harmful not only for the young person but also for the whole community. A strong position of family as the source of love, truth and responsible freedom should influence and inspire all institutions and people engaged in educational process, which should always be integral: It should comprise a person fully and all his or her fields of life where his or her vocation should be fulfilled.


ks. Wojciech Pietraszek

Rys historyczny Podkarpacia
The Historical Outline of Podkarpacie

The special interest of the article was to show the history of the region of Podkarpacie. Author is interested in many aspects of its history: economic, political, demographic, administrative, social, and cultural. This short outline is a very interesting introduction to deeper exploration of historical and contemporary problems of Podkarpacie.



Mirosław Rewera

Osoba - instytucja - autorytet: w poszukiwaniu przyczyn afirmacji autorytetu. Na postawie badań przeprowadzonych wśród młodzieży licealnej
Person - Institution - Authority: In Quest for the Reasons of Affirmation of Authority. Analysis Based on the Research Conducted among Secondary-School Pupils

In commonplace living situations the authority seems to be more and more perceived as a person than an institution. This conviction has encouraged the author in his investigations to examine the phenomenon of authority among the youths. Therefore the aim of the article was to find the answer for question: "What is the background of authority: personal or institutional?" The empirical material, which was presented in this dissertation, derives from the research carried out by the author in 2002 and 2004 in an urban secondary school (No. 1 General Secondary School Collegium Gostoimianum in Sandomierz) and in a village secondary school (Stefan Żeromski General Secondary School in Chobrzany). In total, the author surveyed 317 respondents. The great majority of them perceived authority as a personal phenomenon. Institutional genesis of authority was not very popular among the youths (high social position was not, according of the great majority respondents' opinion, essential factor to create authority). However orientation on this point of view has a little strengthened. The last trend must be still observed and investigated because it is opposite to the process of transformation authority in Poland: from institutional to personal one.


Teresa Zbyrad

W poszukiwaniu typu idealnego pracownika socjalnego
In Quest for the Ideal Social Worker's Type

Article deals with the question of social worker's roles and tasks. Analyzing the tasks fulfilled by social worker and legal requirements in this field, one can observe a number of duties as well as expectations. These expectations of social workers provoke reflections about the ideal social worker's type. The current system of social help has many defects, and creating this ideal type must be limited to theoretical findings which to a considerable degree differ from the everyday experience.



ks. Roman Janiec

Miłość jako istota wspólnoty małżeńskiej
Love as the Essence of Matrimony

L`article en question décrit l`amour comme l`element essentiel de l`union conjugale. Comme il est impossible de donner un simple definition de l`amour, l`auteur a essaye de le decrir. Il constate que c`est l`amour des fiances qui constitute la source de l`amour conjugal, qui en est la base. C`est pourquoi l`auteur a commence par l`analysé de l`amour des fiances pour ensuite se concenter sur le mariagé lui-même. L` auteur a brievemênt, presenté aussi le facteurs qui pourraient menancer l`amour conjugal.



Magdalena Łuka

Bezrobocie a wartość ludzkiego istnienia i rozwoju
Unemployment and the Value of Human Existence and Development

The fundamental question of the article is a person in situation of unemployment. Man is a creature qualified to the work, what is closely connected with his/her dignity. Work not only transforms human nature, but also man fulfils himself/herself in it. On the one hand, lack of work is a danger to a person and the society, but simultaneously the situation of unemployment is a challenge for development of human commitment and creativity. It is essential to accent the subjective character of human being regardless of the situation in which he/she finds himself/herself.


Joanna K. Frankowiak

Sylwetka Jima Jonesa - architekta największego samobójstwa w najnowszej historii
The Portrait of Jim Jones - the Architect of the Greatest Suicide in Modern History

The article presents the portrait of Jim Jones - the architect of the greatest suicide in modern history. Although this incident took place nearly thirty years ago, it still arouses the interest of the public. One of the main reasons is surely the scale of the tragedy. On November 18, 1978 over nine hundred people lost their lives (two hundred children among them). The incarnation of this interest is „Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple" (2006) - a document by Stanley Nelson.




Wiesława Sajdek

Umysł daleko sięgający i gwałtownie twórczy
The Acute and Violently Creative Mind




Teresa Zbyrad

Wypalenie matek dzieci niepełnosprawnych (rec. Małgorzata Dąbrowska, Zjawisko wypalenia wśród matek dzieci niepełnosprawnych, Impuls, Kraków 2005, stron: 235)
The Burnout of Mothers of Handicapped Children (review of Małgorzata Dąbrowska, Zjawisko wypalenia wśród matek dzieci niepełnosprawnych, Impuls, Kraków 2005, pages: 235)




Magdalena Łuka

Pomoc dziecku i rodzinie w sytuacji kryzysowej
Child and Family Crisis Assistance



Agnieszka Głogowska

Debata „Bóg człowiek świat"
The Debate „God Man World"



Planowane konferencje/Planned Conferences









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