According to Regulation No. ROP-0101-306/2020 of the Rector of October 19, 2020 on the organization of education in the area of ​​the University located in the red zone, didactic classes, with the exception of practical classes, take place online. Below you can check what subjects are practical and it is necessary to participate in these subjects normally.


BIOTECHNOLOGY (group in English)

  1. Physico-chemistry of biological systems (classes – Group 1)
  2. Basics of animal cytophysiology and ontogenesis (classes – Group 1)
  3. Laboratory techniques (classes – Group 1)
  4. General and inorganic chemistry (classes – Group 1)
  5. Biochemistry with enzymology (classes – Group 1)
  6. Industrial microbiology (classes – Group 1)
  7. Cultures of plant and animal cells and tissues (classes – Group 1)
  8. Biotechnological methods in pharmacy (classes – Group 1)
  9. Technologies and bioprocess engineering – extended course (classes – Group 1)

INFORMATICS (group in English) - all classes are conducted remotely

MATHEMATICS (group in English) - all classes are conducted remotely