Paszkowska-Rogacz, A. Kulturowe i osobowościowe determinanty radzenia sobie pracowników banków ze zmianami organizacyjnymi, 395-409


Abstract. The main aim of the study was to test the predictive value of J. Holland's RIASEC model of vocational personality and organizational culture dimensions defined by Harrison on seven change readiness traits in Kriegel and Brandt model. Participants were 150 persons (83 female and 67 male) aged from 23 to 49, employed in Polish banks. Three instruments were used in this study: The Self Directed Search (SDS, Holland, 1997), Organizational Culture Questionnaire (OCQ, Dzierzgowska, 1995) and Change-Readiness Scale (Kriegel & Brandt, 1996). A stepwise multiple regression procedure was conducted on each of the seven Change-Readiness traits as the dependent variables with age, gender, RIASEC and OCQ as the predictor variables. Study indicated that Enterprising personality scores were predictive for Resourcefulness and Passion; Conventional personality scores negatively predictive for Adventurousness; Social personality negatively for Optimism, People Oriented Culture was positively predictive for Passion and Task Oriented Culture negatively for Adaptability. Age appeared as not predictive for Change readiness; gender was predictive for Confidence and Adaptability. Issues of change management in different cultural setting and with different employees personalities for futurę research are discussed.
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