Zenon Uchnast

Summary. The empathy is conceptualized as a personal disposition for cooperative and dialogical interpersonal relations. It has same frame of references with the rogerian empathic attitude characterized by an unconditional vs conditional acceptance and friendliness to others and, the following six additional factors: readiness to support others, being at ease, reliability, emotional stability, feeling for the situation and self-clarity. These seven factors of the introduced 80 items inventory (Personal Empathy Inventory – PEI) strongly correlate with the factors of the Feeling of Security and Personal Resiliency Inventory (Uchnast, 1987). The reliability, validity and preliminary normalization of the PEI is based on the data from 268 students. Presented multidimentional operationalization of the empathy permits to measure the quality of the empathic orientation toward others (unconditional vs conditinal) in the context of six others factors measuring its interpersonal and intrapersonal aspects.
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