Bogumiła Witkowska

Abstract. The article presents research results concerning personality factor in determining attitudes toward people with mental disorders. 150 people took part in the research; all of them were workers in social care institutions. By means of the Scale for Defining Attitudes towards People with Mental Disorders designed by the author, two definite subgroups being in opposition to each other could be distinguished within the tested group. One of them was characterized by most positive and the other by the mnost negative attitudes toward people with mental disorders. The scale enabled the author to estimate the intelligence level of the tested people, the values they live by, their anxiety level and their self-esteem. The factor analysis enabled the author to indicate positive predictors and negative attitudes towards people with mental disorders. This attitude depends not only on individual personality features but is determined by the configuration of those features. High intelligence level, and also in general high esteem, as well as high self-evaluation of such parameters as: intelectual capacity or relationships with other people are connected with positive attitudes. On the other hand opting for materialistic values, rejecting religious and social values as well as high anxiety leve are connected with demonstrating negative attitudes.
Autor: Ewelina Soszyńska
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