When analysing the structure of complete personality lexicons in different languages/cultures, it is possible to identify the key, and universal, dimensions of individual personality differences. In accordance with this, the research conducted in the framework of the psycho-lexical approach serves the purpose to answer such questions:


Are there universal personality traits?

How many universal personality traits are there?

What are those traits?

Which traits are specific to certain languages/cultures? 


At present PRL Lab research team is working on taxonomy and structure of:

  • Polish language,
  • Lithuanian language,
  • Ukrainian language,
  • Russian language, and
  • Belarusian language,


considering personality descriptors from different word-classes, such as adejctives, nouns and verbs.



A well-developed psycho-lexical research methodology provides comprehensive scientific taxonomy of individual differences which might be apllied in different fields:


  • Political Psychology (political leaders perception, political party perception, electorate image),
  • Marketing (self-image of brands users)
  • Animal Psychology (perception of animal/pet personality).