Dorota Godlewska-Werner
Instytut Psychologii, Uniwersytet Gdański
Adam Biela
Instytut Psychologii KUL


The Adaptability Test by J. Tiffin and C. H. Lawshe is an example of American methods used for recruitment. It is designed to differ between those who should be placed in jobs requiring mental adaptability and alertness and those who should be employed as routine workers. It is a very reliable test. The main aim of the authors of the Polish adaptation was to translate the Adaptability Test, make some necessary changes in accordance with Polish culture and estimate if the test obtains similare reliabilities and correlations. Another purpose of this work was to check the kind of job (routine or non – routine ones) and the subjective estimation of somebody’s abilities (feeling of having learning abilities or not) have any infuence on final scores of the test. The researches have proved that there are differances between those who declare that they easily adapt to new situations and those who denied having such abilities. There is also a relation between people whose work is connected with permanent changes and those whose work is steady and routine.
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