The project LUBLIN COALITION FOR INTEGRATION is co-funded from the National Programme – the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and the government budget. The project began on July 1, 2018, and it will have been finished by June 30, 2020. The value of the project is PLN 2,960,997.50.


The target group of the project are foreigners who do not hold the citizenship of any of the EU member states and who belong to one of the following groups:

  • students of higher education institutions in Lublin and participants of preparatory courses for studies;
  • students and attenders of primary, junior high, secondary, post-secondary and artistic schools;
  • working people together with their family members;
  • job-seeking migrants together with their family members
  • leaders of migrant communities


Project participants will have an opportunity to learn about the Polish culture and history, learn Polish language, participate in interesting cultural events and integrate with people from Poland and other countries.


Participation in the project is free!


Lublin Coalition for Integration will give you a chance to get help and participate in:


  • a dedicated Migrant Support Office
  • Common Room. Its purpose is the integration of foreign students into Polish society and it is intended to be a place for meetings of various cultures and nationalities
  • Summer School „PROTECTION OF MIGRANTS’ RIGHTS” One week summer school will be organized in July 2019 and August 2019.
  • Integration and day-care room for migrant children (age 6-10), organized in cooperation with young and senior volunteers;
  • "School for parents and educators" – is in a form of support groups to help parents whose children suffer from the effect of migration
  • Orientation week – which will make your stay in Lublin and the university a lot easier
  • Educational trips around Lublin and other interesting places
  • Integration and cultural training as well as adaptation courses that will introduce you to the world of Polish history, culture and tradition
  • Training to prepare for employment, including in the field of soft skills needed on the labour market.
  • Polish language course facilitating communication, preparation for exams and seeking/undertaking employment


For more information about the project and recruitment requirements see the Project Regulations.


If you have any problems filling in any project documents and forms, please contact the Project Office