The first edition of the Summer School in the project Lublin Coalition for Integration titled “Protection of Migrant’s rights” took place on 1-10 of July. The Summer School was dedicated to the problem of migration of people without EU citizenship. We had pleasure to host the participants, who came to us from National University of Kharkiv to broaden their knowledge in such topics as law, history and sociology, and to get a basic knowledge of Polish language during an intensive one-week course. We want to say thank you to all lecturers and participants, it was a great time!

The following edition of the Summer School took place at KUL on 1-9 of August. This time we had pleasure to host participants from different cities of Ukraine, who gathered together during lectures and workshops, dedicated to the problem of migration, as well as during the intensive one-week Polish course. We are happy that we had a chance to meet and to learn something from one another!