Nina Ogińska-Bulik

Instytut Psychologii, Uniwersytet Łódzki


The purpose of the study was to establish: the relationship between perceived job stress, personality variables and burnout syndrome in police officers and to reveal predictors of particular dimensions of burnout syndrome. The sample consists of 100 policemen. The mean age was 36,15 (SD = 7,10). The following techniques were used in the study: the Subjective Work Evaluation Questionnaire, the Self-Esteem Scale, the Self-Efficacy Scale, the Life Orientation Questionnaire - SOC-29, the Life Orientation Test - LOT, the NEO-Five Factors Inventory and the Maslach Burnout Inventory. Results of the study confirmed significant relationship between work stress, persona­lity variables and burnout syndrome in examined group of policemen. Various variables appeared predictors of particular dimensions of burnout syndrome: stressors occurring in the work place appeared predictors of emotional exhaustion, personality variables belonging to personal resources - predictors of depersonalisation and lack of personal accomplishments.

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