According to teaching standards, a graduate has got a general knowledge concerning social issues constituting a base for theoretical reflection on the culture. A graduate understands and is able to analyse culture phenomenons in all fields of global and local culture. She knows economical and legal principles needed to organize and manage contemporary culture-institutions. She knows and understands modern media, ways of their impact and their functions in contemporary society. She has knowledge in theatrology, literary studies, regional culture. She is able to animate culture and organize the cultural life. She can be a manager of cultural institutions. A graduate is prepared to work in editorial sections, museums, theatres, advertising agencies, cinemas, PR agencies. She is also prepared to undertake postgraduate studies.

There are two specialisations of Cultural Studies in Catholic University of Lublin:

  1. Knowledge about Art
  2. Religious Studies
  • In the first case a graduate, beside general humanistic education, receives education in ancient culture and history, theory and philosophy of culture and art. She has also the knowledge about material culture, its functions and artistic forms and its relationship with different social and religious groups. Thanks to her education she can recognize works of art and place it in a correct historical perspective.
  • In the second case a graduate, beside general humanistic education, receives education in religious studies. She gets theoretical bases for participation in encounter and dialogue of different religions, encounter of religions and other fields of culture and an encounter of cultures of different religions and secular culture. She understands issues of coexisting of cultures.

Graduates of both specialisations are prepared to fulifil different social roles and to work requiring understanding of different fields of culture and its different types. They can be moderators of culture, organize exhibitions and meetings with artists. They have qualifications needed to work in Chairs of culture in Polish administration. They can work in offices of cultural and touristic information or be guides. If they choose optional specialisation "pedagogical preparing" they can teach at school.