“...art is a lasting power!” Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński and art“...art is a lasting power!”

Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński and art


Exhibition at the Museum of the Catholic University of Lublin

July 2 - October 1, 2021


In the year of the beatification of the graduate and then the Grand Chancellor of the Catholic University of Lublin - Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, the Primate of the Millennium, the Museum of the Catholic University of Lublin, wants to become part of the celebration of this special event, by opening its new exhibition.


Among the rich legacy of the thoughts and achievements of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, his approach to art, especially his native culture, deserves recognition. He had an extremely open, receptive mind and although he often emphasized that he is not an art expert, his writings or homilies reveal an image of a great admirer of all manifestations of culture. Conveying theological or spiritual thoughts, he frequently referred to the works of great masters, showing unprecedented sensitivity and knowledge of the subject. He emphasized the important role of understanding of the native culture in shaping the identity of the nation, especially of the young generation.


Greate are the cardinal's merits in building and rebuilding churches, teaching about culture, supporting scientific research, including developing the Catalog of Art Monuments in Poland. Cardinal Wyszyński was extremely involved in the reconstruction of St. John in Warsaw, as well as smaller churches destroyed after World War II. He broadened his knowledge not only of the history of art, but also of the technical aspects of reconstruction. We also owe him the regothisation of the Gniezno cathedral (restoring the appearance of the cathedral from the times of Bishop Bogoria Skotnicki in the second half of the 14th century).


At the exhibition, we present large-format photographs of the Primate of the Millennium, combined with selected statements about art and culture. Quotations taken mainly from homilies or speaches show a wide spectrum of interests and activities of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński as well as his deep perception and understanding of culture. The exposition is completed by valuable relics from the collections of the KUL Museum, incl. a gothic retable or sculptures of Madonnas that he could personally see within the walls of the university. Moreover, souvenirs related to Cardinal Wyszyński were presented, such as an artistically framed missal donated by him on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Catholic University of Lublin, or the monstrance he used during his function as the Grand Chancellor of the Catholic University of Lublin in 1946-48, specially borrowed for this event from the KUL academic church.


The exhibition is open from Monday to Friday from 12.00-16.00

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