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Ośrodek Leczenia Uzależnień i Współuzależnień, SZOZ w Koninie


Abstract. The paper depicts the theory of the "self published in 1987 by the American
psychologist, professor of Columbia University, E. Tory Higgins.

First, general assumptions have been presented on the "self" as a cognitive struc-
ture, and they have been compared to some earlier approaches to these problems.

The principal part of the paper contains a description of the theory of "self"
descrepancy. It embraces the relations between the affective side of self-knowledge. The
author distinguishes here: Self, ideal Self, and obligatory Self. The relations between
them, expressed in terms of descrepancy decide about someone's susceptibility to partic-
ular emotional states. A considerable descrepancy between the real Self and ideal Self
is a source of depressive emotions, whereas a considerable descrepancy between current
Self and obligatory Self is a source of fear.

The final part discusses some selected developmental factors. They affect the form-
ing of the structure and dynamism of the Self system.

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