wspolpraca_uniwersytetow.2.jpgThe Institute of Administration conducts research on the various issues of the science of administration. Particular attention is attached to the legal and organisational foundations of the operation of public administration, distribution of authority in public administration and the evolution and reform of public administration ensuing from economic, social and political transformation.


The institute's personnel also research into the boundaries of business activity and its permissible limitation as well as into the influence of the state and globalisation on economic processes. Another important focus of analyses is the benefits of Polish membership in the EU with regard to business activity.


One of the mainstream research pursuits of the institute's staff is the evolution of public administration in Poland and worldwide. Existing public administration solutions and policies are studied against a historical and comparative backdrop. Some inquiries are made into denominational law, family law and infractions. Last but not least, an important subject is also the adaptation of Polish environmental law to the EU law, the evolution of legal and financial instruments in environmental protection and in addition the concept of green taxation.


The Institute's current research focuses are:

  • wspolpraca_uniwersytetow.3.jpgEvolution of public administration structure
  • Administrative and legal aspects of environmental resources management
  • Gmina as a subject of public and private law
  • Public administration reform
  • Financing NGOs from public funds
  • Legal aspects of natural resources management
  • Organisation of local government
  • Employment in public administration
  • Mass-media policy
  • Personal data protection law
  • Access to public information
  • Bureaucracy in the social teachings of the Church
  • Computerization of public administration
  • Management of human resources