Academic Activity of the Institute of Spiritual Theology


The Institute carries out a wide range of research studies on Catholic spirituality, taking into account its Polish specifics with reference to other spiritualities. The principle directions of research are: methodology of spiritual theology, Biblical and Theological bases for spirituality, spirituality of states of life in the Church, sacramental and Marian dimensions of spiritual life, history of Christian spirituality, particularly taking into account the works of Polish spirituality, Eastern spirituality, and also the spirituality of consecrated life as well as the mutual relationship between spirituality and the media.


Since 1976, at the initiative of Fr. Prof. Walerian Słomka, who brought to life the Section of Spiritual Theology (presently the Institute) and directed it for many years, there are annual Spirituality Weeks (presently: Days of Spirituality) dedicated to important spiritual issues which try to respond to the most current needs of the Church and contemporary people. They are very popular among the students, catechists, professors from other centers of spiritual theology in Poland, as well as the society of Lublin City.  The Symposium reports along with the accompanying studies are published in a released series "Homo meditans" (29 volumes have appeared up to the year 2008). In addition, during the school year under the patronage of the Institute, numerous symposia and academic sessions are held of a local as well as national character, mainly organized in cooperation with the Polish Society of Spirituality Theologians.


An important manifestation of the academic-research activities are the many publications by Institute employees. In the past few years several dozen book publications have been released, written by authors and collected works, as well as the initiated newly released series "Homo orans" (2000) dedicated to prayer. Since 1992 the periodical "Roczniki Teologiczne" has published folder nr. 5 edited by the Institute's employees.


Academic Research Topics Undertaken by the Institute's Employees:


- Existential Christology in the experience and teaching of Bl. Elizabeth of the Holy Trinity

- Spirituality of the Christian Family

- Formation to Obedience

- Homo orans, vol. 9

- Christian Meditation and Far-Eastern Meditation

- The Mystical-Contemplative Trend in Christian Spirituality

- Spiritual Discernment

- Vocation Theology

- Bl. James Alberione's Spirituality

- History and Theology of Polish Catholic Spirituality