Qualitative and quantitative identification of various compounds, including cyanotoxins, with HPLC and ELISA techniques. HPLC Shimadzu Prominence

Toxicity assessment of environmental samples with biotests with bacteria, algae, plants or invertebrates.

MARA (Microbial Assay for toxic Risk Assessment)

  Spirodela duckweed microbiotest
Genotoxicity assessment on bacteria and human and animal cell cultures

Ames assay (MPF)

  Cytokinesis-block micronucleus assay; 8-oxoguanine detection
Primary cells and stable cell line culturing, transfection techniques, slide preparation and staining techniques, including i.a. visualization of cell cytoskeleton, apoptosis detection by the detection of membrane changes

Phosphatidylserine translocation in cells


  Actin/tubulin immunolocalisation in cells


Others: spectrophotometric/luminometric/fluorimetric assays on different cell functions/status; assessment of biochemical indices in body fluids; nucleic acid isolation; western blotting.