Rev. Marcin Zieliński was born in 1977 in Opole Lubelskie (Poland). After graduating from high school he entered the Priestly Seminary of Diocese of Lublin and was ordained to priesthood in 2002. After 2 years of pastoral service at the St Stanislaus Parish in Lublin, he started his studies in Rome at Pontifical Biblical Institute. In 2008 he obtained licentiate in Sacred Scripture and continued his studies at Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, preparing his doctoral thesis entitled “La gioia e la tristezza nel Libro della Sapienza”. Since 2015 he has been working at Catholic University of Lublin as an assistant professor.


Main research area: Wisdom literature, Prophoristic



„Boże miłosierdzie w procesie karcenia grzeszników w Mdr 11,21-12,2”

„Mądrość jako źródło radości w Mdr 7,7-12”