• Catholic University of Lublin (Poland), International Academy of Philosophy (Liechtenstein), University of Freiburg (Germany), Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences (Berkeley, CA).

Academic Degrees

  • 1996 - MA in Theology, Catholic University of Lublin,
  • 1995-1997 - postgraduate studies at the School of Social Communication and Journalism (Lublin),
  • 1999 - MA in Philosophy, International Academy of Philosophy,
  • 2003 - Doctorate in Philosophy, Catholic University of Lublin (Theories of the Evolutionary Genesis of Man in the Perspective of John Paul II Teaching).

Disciplines and Areas of Interests

  • philosophy of nature;
  • study of the relationship between natural sciences and Christian faith.


  • Christian Evolutionism on the Genesis of Man (Lublin: Gaudium 2004),
  • Science – Faith: the Role of Philosophy, ed. (Lublin: KUL 2009).