The goal of the article is to point out the most important content of the teachings that John Paul II dedicated to the excluded and marginalized persons. The starting point is the characterization of the phenomenon of exclusion in contemporary culture and pointing out its fundamental causes, seen in the prevalent models and styles of life, which often do not take into account the postulate of solidarity and are oriented towards superficial goals and are engaging in ways disproportional to their real importance.

Such a background allows for the presentation of the originality and timeliness of the thought of the Polish Pope, who was consistent in underlining the Christian duty to care for persons bereft of rights and access to basic goods, also pointing out the fact that the phenomenon of marginalization in the contemporary world affects not only individuals but also whole societies, including nations.

Separately accented you will find goals, which - according to John Paul II - are set before the Church in connection with broadening of the phenomena of marginalization and exclusion. The most important consist of imitating God’s mercy, attitude of solidarity, preferential love for the poor and engaging in the promotion and defense of the inalienable rights of each person.


Keywords: John Paul II, marginalization, poverty, human rights

Autor: Zuzanna Gądzik
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