Słucki, Leśmian and others...

The Writers of Polish-Jewish borderline.


International conference

The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

Polish-Jewish Literature Studies

Zamość – Tyszowce – Hrubieszów

14-16 of April 2010



The year 2010 marks the 90th birth anniversary of one of the most famous writers of Polish-Jewish borderline – Arnold Słucki. He was born in Tyszowce (15.04.1920) – Zamość district. There are many writers of Jewish descent connected with this district who played a vital part in Polish literature. One of them was extremely well-known Bolesław Leśmian who for many years lived in Hrubieszów. His poetic themes, however, were connected with Zamość.


We are planning a three day conference which will be a moving seminar:

  • Zamość – day one (14.04.2010)
  • Tyszowce – day two (15.04.2010)
  • Hrubieszów – day three (16.04.2010)


The aim of our project is to present the results of research on Jewish authors who focused on this particular region. We are open to research workers' opinions both from Poland and from abroad. We are waiting for papers on:

  • History and literature, concerning biographies and works of Słucki, Leśmian and others. 19th and 20th century (also after Holocaust) writers of Polish-Jewish borderline;
  • Theory of culture, connected with different contexts of Polish-Jewish literature as well as the context of Jewish religious thoughts.
  • Theory of cuture connected with trans-cultural problems of the borderline
  • Comperative researches concerning the relationships between Polish-Jewish literature and Hebrew, Yiddish, Aramaic literature and their topic researches.


The choice of Zamość, Tyszowce and Hrubieszów to be a venue of the conference is not accidental. These towns have played a unique role in literature creation of Polish-Jewish writers and for most of them became their last resting-place.




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