Irena Dzwonkowska

Instytut Psychologii, Uniwersytet Opolski
Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania i Administracji w Opolu


Abstract. The article is a theoretical survey concerning shyness. Its character is also
empirical. The author considers shyness as a personality trait being relatively constant
versus shyness as an emotional state. There is done a synthetic survey of shyness
correlates obtained in American researches. The paper is also a presentation of author's
own investigation concerning shyness correlates in polish population. The multiple
regression shows that shy people have a lower social support from friends and peers,
they are more lonely, they feel lower self-esteem as an interaction partner. This study
proves that shy people in Poland may be "a group of risk" toward a lack of wellbeing
Autor: Ewelina Soszyńska
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