1. History of the Departament of Sociology of Knowledge and Education


The Departament of Sociology of Knowledge and Education was created in 2005 by Academic Senate of KUL.

Dr hab. Mariusz Zamło, prof. KUL was appointed to be a Head of the Departament.


2. Acitivity and most important achievements of the Departament:


Key publications:


 "Studia nad wiedzą" ("Research on Knowledge"),

 "Acta Collegii Suprasliensis".


Annual conferences:


 "Małe miasta" (Small towns) - annual in Supraśl,

 "Studia nad wiedzą"(Research on Knowledge) - annual in Lublin.


3. Departament's staff:


Dr hab. Mariusz Zemło, prof KUL is a Head of the Departament of Sociology of Knowledge and Education since 2005. He is an author of numerous socilogy articles in "Studia nad wiedzą" ("Research on Knowledge"), "Acta Collegii Suprasliensis". He also organises abovementioned conferences ("Małe miasta" (Small towns) and  "Studia nad wiedzą"(Research on Knowledge)).


Dr Monika Adamczyk is an assistant in the departament. She is an author of numerous publications, also in English, including: "The Ideals and Goals of Education according to Florian Znaniecki’s Sociological Theory" and "Social Capital and the Process of Globalization", w: "Perspektywy rozwoju społeczeństwa sieciowego w Europie Środkowej i Wschodniej".