Specialisation of Catechetics at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin conducts scientific research on broadly understood Christian formation, especially evangelization, catechesis and religious education at all levels of school education. This specialisation reflects on actors, goals, tasks, content, forms, methods and techniques of catechesis. The Specialisation of Catechetics examines these issues in both historical and modern aspects, as well as in the contemporary and future context. Using the pastoral methodology analyzes the teaching of the Catholic Church, drawing from its criteria of evangelistic and catechetical activity. Using auxiliary sciences, such as pedagogy, psychology and sociology, examines the current state of catechetical reality and tries to develop indications for its development nowadays and in the future.

Currently, the Specialisation of Catechetics consists of two chairs: the Chair of Integral Catechetics and the Chair of Specific Catechetics. The Specialisation’s staff consists of five senior and four younger academics. Under their guidance a lot of MA theses and doctoral dissertations are being prepared. They relate to all the dimensions of catechetics: fundamental, material, formal and specific. The Specialisation of Catechetics collaborates also with academic and scientific organizations in Poland and abroad, among others, from countries such as Malta, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Italy.

The staff of the Specialisation of Catechetics takes also activity in the formation of catechists and religion teachers by organizing and conducting numerous seminars and lectures and generate practical materials for evangelization and catechesis.