INSTITUTE OF THE HISTORY OF THE CHURCH: is the only teaching and scientific/research institution of this sort - along with the Department of the History of the Church at the Gregorian University of Rome - which fosters experts in:


  1. History of the church (universal and Polish), as a broad concept, and of religious culture, from Antiquity to our contemporary time.
  2. Patrology.
  3. Ecclesiastic archival research.

Postgraduate studies in the Institute of the History of the Church last four years. After the first two years of integrated and intense learning, students take their bachelor examination (in the Ecclesiastical Law system, which entitles to lecture in tertiary theological schools and colleges) and subsequently, follow up along their doctoral course.

As one of the Institute's priorities, teaching covers course-related classes, extensive issues of specialist monographic lectures, as well as practical classes, students' seminars and scholarly seminars.


Graduates of the Institute of the History of the Church are well prepared for independent creative scholarly, research, teaching and ecclesiastic work. The Institute's extensive collaboration with scientific and research centres at home and abroad provides them with permanent opportunities to master their qualifications and exchange experiences.