• full-time baccalaureate course (first degree)
  • full-time master course - supplementary (second degree)
  • part-time master course - supplementary (second degree)


  • financial and business administration
  • public administration


The institute offers the following study options: full-time first and second degree, part-time second degree, and specializations in finance and business administration and public administration.


Administration programs provide training on the legal and organizational basis of the functioning of public administration in Poland and other European Union countries, modern management methods in public administration, administrative and legal aspects of business activity, governing public officers law, organization of environmental protection, IT in public administration. This knowledge coupled with professional training allows graduates to seek employment in the institutions of central and local government administration, offices, bureaus and enterprises. The students have the opportunity to benefit from the international exchange within the ERASMUS program. The major of administration is accredited by the National Accreditation Commission and employs the policy of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).