is currently one of the most popular studies selected by high-school graduates. In order to meet the needs and the interests of those who want to acquire knowledge in the field of social sciences, sociological studies have been created at the Off-Campus Faculty of Social Sciences of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin in Stalowa Wola. Such studies have existed for more than a decade and enjoy continual popularity. Many of the graduates pursue this career, changing the role of a student into the roe of teacher or professor. This school is slowly building its tradition and history, which, ‘temporarily' coincides with the history of the Third Republic of Poland.


Why is SOCIOLOGY worth studying in Stalowa Wola?
- we offer full-time and part-time studies (only in Stalowa Wola; Kul, Lublin does not offer part-time sociology);
- students study in a two-level system (three-year bachelor studies and two-year master studies);
-Students can choose the following specialistions: Social Communication, Self-Governance Sociology and Social Work;
-We have highly-qualified academic staff, who also hold lectures in universities abroad;
-We guarantee high level of teaching;
-We guarantee an interesting study course;
-Students participate actively in scientific conferences (both home and abroad) organised by the Institute of Sociology;
-Students have an opportunity to broaden their knowledge and develop their research skills in scientific club of future sociologists;
-We welcome the need for self-fulfillment through scientific research which we support;
-We are open to New solutions in the study programme (new specialisations to launch);
If you have not decided yet and are stall in doubt whether to study SOCIOLOGY WZNoS. KUL in Stalowa Wola, KEEP ON READING!

Why is it worth studying SOCIOLOGY at all???
-Sociology is a science which can give answers to many problems pervading the modern man;
-Sociology is becoming more and more dignified; respected for the wide range of problems which it includes;
-the knowledge about social life is now indispensable in almost every profession;
-in the job market there is a growing demand for sociologists and specialists whose qualifications are connected with sociological preparation (specialists in Public Relations, marketing, including social marketing, advertising, publicity, promotion, HRM);
-Polish sociologists are recognised as one of the best in the world, which also allows them to find employment abroad;
-if you study Sociology and commit yourself to this type of cognition, you will soon find that this is a study of the phenomena which you know well from your everyday experience;
-while studying Sociology at WZNOS KUL in Stalowa Wola, you can also take up studies in another field (Pedagogy, Law, Economy). This specific course of studies will ensure the comfort in a two-disciplinary studies;
-Sociological studies can be easily supplemented by post-graduate studies;
Do you know where SOCIOLOGISTS can work???
SOCIOLOGISTS can work almost anywhere!!!
It's not's fact.!

A SOCIOLOGIST can work in:
-companies specialising in market research;
-various research centres;
-any public offices and institutions (e.g. administrative district offices, provincial offices, courts, resocialisation and penitentiary institutions, schools, centres for social assistance);
-media (press, radio, TV);
-political parties;
-election staff;
-governmental and non-governmental organisations;
-great multinational corporations;
-EU institutions or worldwide offices (e.g.. UNO, UNESCO, WHO, FAO).