Program Team



SŁAWOMIR ŁUKASIEWICZ, Hab. PhD, historian, Europeanist. Since October 2015 director of the Institute of European Studies, John Paul II
Catholic University of Lublin, Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science, Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration. Historian at the Historical Research Department, Lublin branch of the Institute of National Remembrance; 2011-2015 coordinator of research
program on Polish political exile 1939(45)-1990. His research is focused on history of Polish and Central European political exile, history of European integration as well as functioning of political intelligence of Polish People's Republic. Author of the books Trzecia Europa. Polska myśl federalistyczna w Stanach Zjednoczonych, 1940-1971  [Third Europe.
Polish federalist thought in the United States – 1940-1970s], Warszawa-Lublin 2010; Partia w warunkach emigracji. Dylematy Polskiego
Ruchu Wolnościowego “Niepodległość i Demokracja” 1945-1994 [Émigré party. Dilemmas of the Polish Freedom Movement
“Independence and Democracy” 1945-1994], Lublin-Warszawa 2014; and several publications about Polish émigrés and their European visions (e.g. “Poles in European Federal Movement”, Warszawa 2005) as well as about activities of Polish communist intelligence after the II World War. Editor among others editor of _Polska emigracja polityczna 1939-_1990. Raporty o stanie badań [Polish political exile 1939-1990. Research reports] (Warszawa 2016) and _Tajny oręż, czy ofiary zimnej wojny? Emigracje polityczne z Europy Środkowej i Wschodniej _[Secret weapon or the victims of the Cold War? Political émigrés from Central and Eastern Europe], Lublin 2010. He published in „Pamięć i Sprawiedliwość", „Przegląd Zachodni", „Dzieje Najnowsze", „Zeszyty Historyczne" i „Więź". He received several grants - from Kosciuszko Foundation, Polonia Aid Foundation Trust (London), Fund of Jan and Suzanne Brzękowski, European Centre Natolin (and European
University Institute in Florence), Foundation for Polish Science. 



Anna Tarnowska – Waszak, MA - Program Expert

Anna Tarnowska – Waszak, MA – Director of Open University KUL, an expert in the area of working with foreigners, experienced in organizing various educational programs directed both to people from abroad, and local community. From the beginning of the creation of OU KUL (since 2012) over 11 000 participants attended her classes.







Emil Wojtaluk - Volunteers' Leader, Assistant of the Program Leader, Program Guardian


Student of MA program in European Studies. Graduated BA in European Studies with distinction in 2015. Experienced volunteer in the area of migration in the Rule of Law Institute Foundation, also possesses some experience in management of EU-funded projects (internship in the Section of Structural Funds KUL in 2014); Since October 2015 the President of European Studies Students' Scientific Association „EURO-KUL";  He is also the Editor in Chief of EUROpens BLOG – European Studies students' blog conducted in English (





Dorota Kowalska

Hello everyone! My name is Dorota and I am a 4th year student of European Studies. I love meeting people from foreign countries and I am always willing to learn about foreign cultures, traditions, cuisines etc. My hobbies are watching brand-new films, jogging and learning English. Thanks to being a volunteer of the Open Integration project I do hope that I will be able to introduce to the foreign students the reality of living in Lublin and help them spend their time in our city in a very interesting and fruitful way.



Maria Moroniak
Graduate student in mediterranean studies and alumna of European Academy of Diplomacy








Agnieszka Szeszel
I year student in Master of Arts in European Studies on John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Erasmus exchange student at Pázmány Péter Catholic University in Hungary, Ambassador of KUL, Ambassador of Careers Bureau of KUL, Member of European Studies Students Scientific Association, Member of Editorial Board in the "EUROpens BLOG", scout, longtime camp counselor, enthusiast of all kinds of traveling, healthy living, broadening horizons and valuable books, interested in cosmetology and culture of various ethnic groups, speaks four languages: Polish, English, French and Russian and loves to play in chess and various board games, night watching the stars and baking tasty cakes.



Konstancja Szkudlarek
Positive and always smiling student of law and european studies. My motto? " The bigger the chalenge, the bigger the opportunity! "



Kinga Hodór

Student of European Studies, positive, open towards the world, people and adventures. A full of energy vegan, looking at life through rose-coloured spectacles. Cat lover and fanatic of personal development, trips and foreign languages learning. Person appreciating unconventional and creative solutions and aficionado of contemporary art.


Barbara Żak

My name is Barbara Żak, I am 22 years old and I come from France. I studied law at the Catholic University of Lille (specialized in European Union Law). I took part in the university’s chaplaincy and I gave private lessons to underprivileged children. I am hardworking, open-minded, calm, responsible and I am not afraid of working with people from all around the world.


Paulina Kotynia

Hello, my name is Paulina and I am the student of the first year of the European Studies at the John Paul II 
Catholic University in Lublin.I am open to various life experiences and working with other people makes me happy. I would like to explore new horizons  and improve my language skills. Other than that, I love to travel as well. I am a very enthusiastic student and I think this is a strong point of mine. 

My life motto: ,If you believe, you can achieve!'.


Dana Dobryanska

Hello, my name is Dana and I am student of the European Studies at theJohn Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. 
I am interested in learning languages and exploring new cultures. I am 

a person who likes to bementally challenged. 
I am always trying to put my best in everything  that I do. 

My biggest life experience is being an exchange student in the USA. Since then I have grown emotionally and my perspective has changed in ways I never would have  imagined. 
I enjoy having fun with my friends. 
Caring for people has always been my desire. 

That is why I love to be involved in different volunteer projects.


Vitalii Makhanets

My name is Vialii Makhanets, I come from Ukraine and I am a student of the third year of European Studies. I am a member of the European Studies Students’ Association EURO-KUL and a volunteer in the European Meeting Center - Nowy Staw Foundation. I spent one semester of my studies on Erasmus + exchange in Germany and I am interested in this country and language. I am into multiculturalism, art and traveling.


Vira Orel

My name is Vira Orel, I come from the South part of Ukraine and I am a student of the second year of History of Art in Lublin. I am a member of the students association and mentor of an Erasmus student. I like visiting art galleries, classic literature and I'm a painter.



Administrative Team


Kamil Dębiński, PhD – Project Manager

Marlena Struś, MA – Project Assistant

Kamil Maliński, MA – Specialist for Finance and Accounting