Błażej Szymura, Karolina Czernecka, Magdalena Ross, Kamila Śmigasiewicz

Instytut Psychologii, Uniwersytet Jagielloński


The relationships between the temperamental dimensions of psychoticism, extraversion and neuroticism, on one hand, and mechanisms of selective attention, on the other, are investigated. It has been hypothesized that resolving speed-accuracy trade off is dependent on necessity of PEN traits. Extraverts and subjects scoring high on P scale should prefer shallow elaboration of large number of elements that enter the field of attention (shallow level of data analyze and selection), whereas introverts and subjects scoring low on P scale - deeper elaboration of small number of stimuli (deep level of data analyze and selection). Thus, extroverts and high P scorers should sacrifice accuracy for speed, whereas introverts and low P scorers - speed for accuracy. In one conducted experiment (N = 179), with the use of two paper-and-pencil attentional tests (The Clocks' Test and The Stars' Test), these predictions have been partially confirmed. In spite of previously obtained results, neuroticism does not show any impact on mechanisms of selective attention.

Autor: Ewelina Soszyńska
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