Małgorzata Soból, Piotr Oleś

Zakład Psychologii Osobowości, Instytut Psychologii KUL


Abstract. The article is focussed on the relationship between present time orientation
called „carpe diem" and life satisfaction. The concept of „carpe diem" considered in this
study is similar to the concept "here and now" in Gestalt psychology. Two hypotheses
are tested: la) Concentration on the present is significantly related to life satisfaction,
at least on the same level as orientation towards the future or the past; (b) Satisfaction
derived from "here and now" is linked with positive future outlook. A survey type of
investigation was carried out on a group of 90 students (48 F, 42 M). The results sug-
gest that life satisfaction links with the concentration on "here and now", positive
future outlook and the activity in an use of time.

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