Kwestionariusz Ja Cielesnego (Skala J-C)

Beata Mirucka
Zakład Psychologii Ogólnej i Klinicznej, Wydział Pedagogiki i Psychologii
Uniwersytet w Białymstoku


Abstract. The article presents the Body Self Questionnaire. It is a new method for
measuring the concept of body self meant as the basis of one's identity and personality,
where the body is an essential element of self structure. The multidimensional scale
consists of 41 statements which belong to four scales (dimensions of the Body Self),
identified with the help of principal components analysis. The four scales are: accep-
tance of one's body, disclosure of femininity, experience of intimate relations with per-
sons of the opposite sex, and relationship towards eating and body weight. The ques-
tionnaire has high reliability (Cronbach's Alpha for the whole instrument is 0.93 and
for the individual scales: 0.89, 0.88, 0.83 and 0.74) and fairly good validity (component,
theoretical, criterion and diagnostic).
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