The Chair of Christology was created under the name of the Second Chair of Dogmatic Theology (since 1946); however, in 2002 it was renamed.
    Its first chairman was Rev prof. A. Krupa, who was involved in research since 1950.
In the years 1952-1970 the chair was led by Rev prof. W. Granat (in the 1960s the Rector of the Catholic University of Lublin). Granat is the author of, inter alia, 9 volumes of ‘The Catholic Dogmatics' and 3 works on the personalist system and Christian humanism.
    Abp prof. Alfons Nossol was the chairman in the years 1977-1997. He studied integral christology in conjunction with soteriology and pneumatology. He was also interested in ecumenism. Rev F. Szulc worked in the chair in the years 1978-1997.

    Since 1 October 1997 the chair was run by J. Szymik, who renamed it the Chair of Christology on 1 February 2002. Currently, since prof. Szymik left for Katowice, Rev prof. K. Guzowski has been the curator of the chair. Two lecturers work in the chair: Rev prof. Leon Siwiecki and Rev Janusz Lekan, PhD.
    During the 63 years' period of the existence of the chair, several dozen of PhD and hundreds of MA theses have been defended there. Research mainly includes the integral christology of culture, literary theology, theological aesthetics and Christian humanism.