The Department of Modern Forms of Faith Transmission was created in 1992. Its rise and activity is a response to the expectations of the Church which are expressed in the document of Vatican II Inter Mirifica (1963) and as well in the instruction Communio et progressio (1971) and Aetatis novae (1992). In all of these documents is expressed the expectation of the Church to universities, research centers and seminaries for the implementation of the various forms of education in the mass media branch.

In the years 1992-2001 the Department has conducted researches focused on television, radio and the press. Since 2001 the Department has specialization: Media Literacy - 4 years of doctoral studies. Graduates acquire knowledge about mass media – print and electronic ones.



Scientific research of the Department of Modern Forms of Faith Transmission

Internet and new technologies

Religious Theatre

Media in Pastoral Ministry

Media influence over young people

Human being in information society

Globalization of culture, politics and economics

Religious Theatre in Central Europe

  • Media Education in the Major Seminaries in Poland

  • Contemporary challenges for media education

  • Media ethics

  • The Sacred in media

  • Public Relations and Church