Mirosława Czerniawska

Wydział Pedagogiki i Psychologii Uniwersytetu w Białymstoku


Abstract. The research presents the empirical data concerning the relation between
persona) traits and the value system; the study is focused on the empathy as a personality trait. Theoretical assumptions and empirical findings are analyzed and
interpreted in the context of the cognitive framework, including the idea of regulative
function of self-concept. A content compatibility hypothesis between the empathy and
value system was accepted as a preliminary assumption for this research.

The study group consisted of 100 adolescents (high school students). The Empathic
Understanding of Others Questionnaire (Węglinski, 1983) and Rokeach Value survey
(Polish adaptation, Brzozowski, 1989) were used as research tools.

A correlation analysis of research data revealed that the empathic subjects estimat-
ed higher these values which were compatible with the personality type, i.e. family and
moral values, and lower the values focused on the individual. Thus, the empathy is
associated, on the level of pre-established psychological structures, with the preferences
against specific values. The relation has its behavioral effects - the increase of probabil-
ity of helping and cooperative behaviors.

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