Cezary W. Domański


The first Polish psychological periodical was „Polskie Archiwum Psychologii". It originated in 1926 and was edited by Józefa Joteyko. After her death the journal was edited by Stefan Baley. The title of this periodical was changed for „Psychologia Wy­chowawcza" in 1938. The magazine appeared in print (at intervals) to the beginning of 2000. Before the 2nd World War a periodical of international extent was issued by Stefan Blachowski. It was „Kwartalnik Psychologiczny". The last number of that quar­terly journal was published in 1946. After the 2nd World war a few news psychological periodicals originated: „Przegląd Psychologiczny", „Studia Psychologiczne", „Polish Psy­chological Bulletin", „Nowiny Psychologiczne", „Czasopismo Psychologiczne", „Forum Psychologiczne" i „Roczniki Psychologiczne" were founded after 1989. „Charaktery" -a magazine popularizing psychology appeared in print in 1996.

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