Katarzyna Jędruszczak
Katedra Psychologii Emocji i Motywacji KUL


The privacy is an unique, but common human’s phenomena. Nowadays, many of its aspects became very crutial, because of technological growth, invigilation’s instruments, cameras, bugs, electronic datas collecting, GPS, etc. People’s efforts to protect and maintain their privacy seem to had increased. The psychologists are interested in this issue since it has been known that the privacy is important for the individual’s well-being, . This article is an attempt of concise presentation of some selected definitions and terminological issues and – first and foremost – five main psychological approaches to the privacy. Namely, Kelvin’s Privacy Theory, Altman’s Privacy Theory, Derlega and Chaikin’s conception of self-disclosure, O’Connor and Rosenblood Social Affiliation Model (SAM) and Laufer and Wolfe Multidimensional Developmental Theory of Privacy, are introduced. Additionally there is a brief summary of Kupritz and Petronio’s ideas with regard to the topic of privacy.
Autor: Ewelina Soszyńska
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