Danuta Borecka-Biernat

The questionnaire of coping strategy in the difficult situations

Because there is no suitable Polish questionnaire to measure the strategy that are assumed by the adolescent in the difficult situation of social contact, the author undertook the work upon the preparation of her own tool that could be used to measure the activity that is taken by the teen-ager in situation when his or her values and targets are threatened or frustrated by the others. The readers are acquainted with the construction procedure of RTSS questionnaire and with the evaluation of its values. The validation procedure results allowed to formulate the arguments that confirm the reliability and rightness of RTSS questionnaire the tool measuring the aggressive, avoidance and rational strategy of coping in the difficult situation of social contacts in the adolescents. This questionnaire fulfils the basic psychometric requirements and can be used as one of the diagnostic techniques in the psychological research to determine the method of coping with difficult social situation.

Autor: Ewelina Soszyńska
Ostatnia aktualizacja: 11.03.2007, godz. 16:42 - Ewelina Soszyńska