1. A manuscript submitted to Review of Psychology must be accompanied by the author(s)'s statement that the paper has not been published, in print, or submitted for publication elsewhere. The text of the statement complying with the recommendations of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education on preventing the unacceptable practices of ghostwriting and guest authorship, which are forms of scientific misconduct and unethical publishing behaviour, can be downloaded in DOC format by clicking the link below:



The statement contains a Declaration of Contribution of authors to the manuscript

  1. Manuscripts sent to the Editor will undergo a linguistic and formal editorial review. The statistical methods used in original papers discussing the results of experiments conducted using these methods, will be checked for correctness by our Statistical Editor.
  2. The Editors reserve the right to correct stylistic errors, spelling mistakes and minor factual errors (incorrect nomenclature, incorrect spelling of names), and to shorten the manuscript without consulting the author(s). These revisions are the responsibility of the Language Editor.
  3. After removing author details, the text is sent for peer review.
  4. Each manuscript is reviewed by two independent reviewers appointed by Section Editor.
  5. This journal uses double-blind review, which means that the author(s)'s and the reviewers' identities are concealed throughout the review process.
  6. The Editors shall ensure that there is no conflict of interest between the reviewer and the author of the manuscript under review. The two parties must not have had a personal or an employment relationship with each other or have cooperated in research in the last two years prior to writing the review.
  7. The names of the reviewers of the individual manuscripts will not be revealed.
  8. A review is provided in written form and ends with an explicit recommendation to accept the manuscript for publication in Review of Psychology or to reject it.
  9. The authors are asked to respond to reviewer comments to a deadline set by the Editors.
  10. Once a year, the journal publishes a list of reviewers cooperating with the Editors of Review of Psychology on its website:


  1. Pre-prints of manuscripts submitted to the journal along with the reviews are stored in the editorial database.


Final Provisions

  • Upon acceptance of their paper for publication, the authors shall transfer their full copyright to the Editors of Review of Psychology. The materials submitted thus becomes the property of the Editors as publishers and cannot be published elsewhere without written permission.
  • In accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code, the Act on Copyright and Related Rights, the authors must not print an article published in Review of Psychology in whole or in part in another journal or use it for other purposes without the consent of the Editors of Review of Psychology
  • Authors submitting their papers for publication to Review of Psychology are fully responsible for the authenticity and originality of their work, in compliance with the current legislation on copyright and related rights.



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