Bachelor’s thesis:

  1. Application of bispecific antibodies in diagnosis and therapy of diseases
  2. The use of interferon in the therapy
  3. The role and importance of regulatory proteins in the immunological response
  4. The use of immunological methods in hematology
  5. Methods of treatment of autoimmune diseases
  6. The diagnostics of the immune system disfunctions
  7. Significance and application of natural exogenous immunostimulators
  8. Application of the immunoenzymatic methods in diagnostic medicine
  9. The use of vaccines in tumor therapy
  10. Immune methods used in diagnostics of immune deficiency
  11. Modulation of innate and specific antitumor immune response
  12. DNA vaccines against viral and bacterial infections
  13. Significance and application of natural modulators of immunity
  14. DNA immunization in allergy curing

 Master’s thesis:

  1. Phytochelatins production in cells Eustigmatos sp. under the influence of cadmium
  2. Production of phytochelatins in the cells of Chlorella vulgaris under the influence of cadmium
  3. Cyanobacteria producing neurotoxic anatoxin a in Zemborzycki Reservoir (2013)
  4. Cyanobacteria producing hepatotoxic microcistin LR in Zemborzycki Reservoir (2013)