Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and International Relations
Rev. Dr. Hab. Andrzej Kiciński, Prof. KUL


Vice-Rector for Student Affairs at the Catholic University of Lublin John Paul II and the head of the Detailed Catechetics.

He was born in 1965. In Lukow. Theological studies at the Major Seminary in Siedlce. A degree of Master of Theology in 1992. KUL based on work issues of young people in the teaching of John Paul II delivered during the three pilgrimages to the Polish (1979-1983-1987) . Promoter ks. prof. dr. Stanisław Nagy SCJ.

In 1992-1998, studies at the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome 1995. Bachelor's degree in theology with a thesis: Tra Parrocchia e scuola, L'evoluzione della Catechesi in Polonia negli anni 1961-1994 ; October 8, 1998 r. PhD degree in the field of theological catechesis based on the doctoral thesis Fri Linguaggio ed esperienza nell'insegnamento della religione secondo Hubertus Halbfas . Promoter ks. prof. Ubaldo Gianetto SDB. Postdoctoral degree earned 13 May 2008. At the Faculty of Theology at Catholic University on the basis of the assessment of the overall scientific achievements and presented dissertation Catechesis of people with intellectual disabilities in Poland after the Second Vatican Council . From October 1, 2008 Head of the Department Detailed Catechetics. Since 2009. Head of specialization in Catechesis KUL ITPiK. October 1, 2010 appointed associate professor.

In 1995-2000 he worked for the National Bureau of World Youth Day at the Polish Bishops' Conference. In 1998-2001, he works research and teaching at the Academy of Physical Education in Biala Podlaska. Since 1998. Work research and teaching at the Theological Institute in Siedlce. Since 1999. Work research and teaching at the Major Seminary in Siedlce. In 1999-2001 he served as inspector of the diocesan religious education. Since 2001. Work research and teaching at the Institute of Pastoral Theology and Catechetics at the Catholic University of Lublin John Paul II in Lublin. In the years 2012-2016 the director of the Institute of Pastoral Theology and Catechetics Catholic University.

Since 2002. Appraiser for the evaluation of programs of religious education and catechetical textbooks at the Catholic Education Commission of the Conference of the Polish Episcopate (now the third term) and at the same committee was a member of the team for the amendment Basics program of catechesis and religious education program.


Since 2012. Vice-President of the Association of Polish Katechetyków. He takes an active part in the work of the following scientific organizations: Equipe Européenne de Catéchése; Scientifica Associazione per il Dialogo Intercultural ed Interreligioso, Lublin Scientific Society, Scholastic Society, the Society of St. Francis de Sales Scientific.


Promoter 5 doctoral dissertations, theses and 97 Reviewer 1 scientific achievements to the position of associate professor, 7 dorobków on a post-doctoral degree, 17 doctoral dissertations and 89 master's theses.


Appointed as an expert to the work of the Pontifical Council for. The Promotion of the New Evangelization and the Subcommittee. Catechesis Council of European Bishops' Conferences (CCEE).

Within the scientific interests are: catechetics, education, Christian education and catechetics special education, media, the teaching of the Catholic religion in school, adult catechesis, formation of catechists, Catholic catechisms, catechetical language, World Youth Day.






Secretary of the Vice-Rector

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