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Special Issue: Psychology of music in Poland: Theoretical and empirical insights
Zofia Mazur, Rafał Lawendowski (editors)


  • Rafał Lawendowski, Zofia Mazur, Psychology of music in Poland: Theoretical considerations and current directions in empirical research
  • Piotr Podlipniak, The neo-Pythagorean view of musical structure in the light of music psychology
  • Łucja Bieleninik, Claire M. Ghetti, Music therapy for preterm infants and their parents: A path forward for research in Poland
  • Maria Chełkowska-Zacharewicz, Mateusz Paliga, Music emotions and associations in film music listening: An example of leitmotifs from The Lord of the Rings movies
  • Paweł A. Atroszko, Wiktor K. Wróbel, Piotr Bereznowski, Rafał Lawendowski, The relationship between study addiction and examination stress among students of music academies
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