John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (KUL) commenced its activity in 1918 under the name of the University of Lublin. Since then in accordance with its motto, it has continuously served God and Fatherland. The fundamental mission of KUL is the performance of scientific research in the spirit of harmony between science and faith, education and upbringing of Catholic intelligentsia and co-creation of Christian culture.

In comparison with European universities such as Sorbonne, Oxford, Padua or University of Bologna, nearly one-hundred-year-old KUL seems to be a young university.

The University’s history is not only the number of generations of students, layers of tradition or the age of university walls. What is essential is the history of thoughts which determines the shape of University. Therefore, it is precisely the Catholic University of Lublin - where the effort to investigate the truth about God, man and the world has been made since the beginning of its existence - which has equated with the oldest universities thanks to its scientific and moral courage.