Research area:


Psychological and neurophysiological mechanisms of:

  • visual and motor imagination,
  • audiovisual perception,
  • perception of 3D objects,
  • art perception,
  • understanding of audiovisual
  • acquisition and use of language



Professor Piotr Francuz

Chief of the Psychoneurophysiological

Laboratory and HD Studio



Support ongoing laboratory research programs, including:

  • preparation of the computer applications to the psychological experiments
  • integration of research facilities
  • technical processing of the measured data

research supervision



MSc Paweł Augustynowicz

Consulting engineer


  • analysis of eye movements recorded while viewing and imaging objects
  • cognitive determinants of brain-computer interfaces (BCI)
  • human-computer interfaces (HCI) with gaze interaction
  • stereotype of disability in the art perception


Dr Bibianna Bałaj

Research associate


MSc Emilia Zabielska

PhD student

technical Assistant




MSc Dariusz Zapała

PhD student

Research associate


MSc Marta Jaśkiewicz

PhD student



MSc Przemysław Tużnik

PhD student



MSc Tomasz Misiuro

PhD student





  • Research Staff