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NEWS | 18 OCTOBER 2021

Areopagus of Universities: the sustainability of values is proven by the passion constantly present in the life of the academic community

Has the COVID epidemic changed the world of our values? Are these changes permanent? These questions were discussed by rectors and experts from four universities: KUL, UW, UJ and UAM.The first debate in the Universities Areopagus series was held at the Catholic University of Lublin. Professor  Mirosław Kalinowski, opened the debate by stressing the importance of dialogue. - We may not find answers to the questions that will arise, but we will find more elements that unite than divide us - he said.   Areopag of universities is a series of debates on current, socially importanttopics. The initiative for a series of discussions devoted to the problems of the world in the age of COVID came from the Rector of the Catholic University of Lublin, Prof. Mirosław Kalinowski. On 18 October experts from all four universities took up the topic of the system of values in the era of COVID.   While opening the debate the Rector of the Catholic University of Lublin emphasized...


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