As an incoming Erasmus+ student you are allowed to choose courses from different fields of study and study levels but remember that your home university has to agree on your choices.


Courses in Languages and Philological Sciences NEW 2024/2025!


Applied Anthropology (BA programme in English) 2023/2024


Philosophy (MA programme in English) 2023/2024


European Studies (BA programme in English) NEW 2024/2025!


Biotechnology (BSc programme in English) 2023/2024


Journalism and Social Communication (BA programme in English) 2023/2024 


Informatics (BA programme in English) 2023/2024


Languages and Philological Sciences (courses in target foreign languages) 2023/2024


Law, Canon Law and Administration 2023/2024


Psychology and Behavioral Sciences 2023/2024


Economics 2023/2024


Management 2023/2024


Education, Teacher Training 2023/2024


History 2023/2024


National Security, International Relations 2023/2024


Social Sciences 2023/2024