Dear Students,

Please bear in mind that in order to receive the ECTS credits for compulsory lectures you need to choose the corresponding classes as well. ECTS credits are given only for both classes and lectures.


Journalism BA programme (only year 1 and year 2 are available):



Elective courses offered only in II semester:

Graffiti as a medium of communication        3 ECTS

Description: graffiti_as_a_medium_of_communication


Public opinion and the media         3 ECTS

Description: public_opinion_and_the_media 


Alternative media        2 ECTS

Description: alternative_media 


Citizen journalism     2 ECTS

Description: citizen_journalism 


Internet - legal problems         2 ECTS

Description: internet_-_legal_problems 


Popular culture         2 ECTS

Description: popular_culture