September 2007

...Now is a good time to write and thank you all most deeply and sincerely for having set up, orchestrated and carried out one of the very best experiences of my life.
 I loved being in Lublin, at KUL, for the three weeks in July - the school, teachers and lessons, the helpful office staff, food, accommodations, trips, the people I met and with whom I interacted. All went into making for a super time - one that I hope to revisit next July.
 So thank you all again.  I wish you all the best for the remainder of this year and for years and years to come.

Joe Dubanowich

...I would like to thank all the Summer School team for the very kind and professional way you realized this Polish course. I learned a lot even if the time I had was (too) short.
(...) I enjoyed also very much the city of Lublin and its region where I spent one more week after my course had finished and my wife came from Berlin.
I will definitely recommend your school...
...About my motivation, it is very easy: why does somebody needs to be motivated to know more about the culture and history of one of the oldest and greatest European countries? For those who want to know more about Poland learning the language (or at least trying to!) is a must. Polish language is very fascinating one. It is a very poetic language, most of the times very accurate and therefore complex ...And sometimes it is very easy! Some sentences are definitely shorter than in French, English or German.

Jean-Francois Renault

The course was better than expected! It was all very well done.


I'm a Hungarian girl. After learning English, I wanted to study an
interesting, European language. I saw the map, and chose Polish, because Poland is a big
country, and about 40-60 million people speak this language. Why not, I
thought? Polish language is very harmonious, but as difficult as my mother
tongue. It became my hobby! I study Polish in all of my free time. I travel to
Poland, if I can. After Polish language, I started to love Poland, too.
Hungary has similar history with Poland, so it's like my home.

Veronika Hegyi

The highlight of the course is... the excellent work of the well organized team. I feel here like at home.


... It was all very well executed!

Fr. Joseph Roesch, MIC, Congregation of Marians
(I am learning Polish to help me in my work in my Religious Community which was founded in Poland and has many Polish members)

Najlepszym elementem programu był kurs jako całość, że w nim było zawarte wszystko - lekcje, wykłady, program wieczorem, wycieczki...a wszystko bardzo dobrze zorganizowane! Potem się człowiekowi nie chce jechać do domu...


All parts of the program are complementary. Grammar without practicing in the afternoon would be senseless and the cultural lectures, programs and excursions were great. I really liked the course contents and schedule.(Especially small groups of students, personalized guidance from the teachers, also integral approach to Polish issues through the lectures and the delicious cuisine!)

Carolina Blanco-Zablonska

Great course, I think we have learned a lot!

Jon - Calgary,

Podobało mi się dużo różnych rzeczy. Naprawdę jestem bardzo zadowolona z mojego pobytu. Byłam pierwszy raz i dobrze zorganizowali wszyscy wszystko.


Proszę tak kontynuować!


On a trip to the Czech Republic in 2001, I found myself falling in love with Eastern Europe. In my soul I felt a strong longing for exploring Eastern European history, Slavic languages and its people. The need even came to me in dreams.
So far I had been studying Latin languages for years living abroad in Spain and South America, but I never before had experiences with Slavic languages.
As I had just returned from Prague, Czech logically came to my mind for studying, but also Serbo-Croatian was a consideration because I liked its sounds, and I was going next on a trip to Bosnia.
Never-the-less, I prayed to Our Lady about it, and it came strongly and clear into my soul, that I definitely should study Polish. I don't know why, after all I didn't have any connections to Poland in any way. I pursued this feeling and started taking a private Polish course in Denmark. I really loved it. New strange sounds and difficult grammar became a good challenge for me. I enjoyed it a lot.
While studying the Polish language and history, I met some Polish refugees in Denmark. Some of them had been working with Lech Walesa in Gdansk in 1980. I also met survivors, who as children were sent to Auschwitz. Hearing their stories was extremely touching to my heart. During this time we also had a Polish Pope, John Paul II. I believe these are some of the reasons why I had to study Polish.
Polish is both for the brain and for the heart. It has a grammatical structure for people who love complex languages. It also has such a touching history and its people are very sincere. I have had many deep experiences in meeting Polish people, which I couldn't have had from other nationalities.
In 2007, I went on a summer course at the Catholic University in Lublin (KUL). This place was recommended to me by the Polish Embassy in Copenhagen.
The teachers at KUL are very professional. The leadership of the school is also professional and very nice. If you are staying at the university hotel the accommodations are very fine.
Being a musician and having to do a concert upon my returning to Denmark, I was very pleased that the university let me practice on a grand piano and on a church organ every single day. I really appreciated their generosity which helped me very much upon later performing.
I believe that one of the nicest things about my taking this summer course is the fact that you can have the opportunity to make friends from all over the world.
I have just returned from New York, where I met two classmates, Caroline and Leora. It was great to see them again, and I also have received invitations for going to Italy, Germany and Israel.
Lars Floee

Podobała mi się jakość wszystkich lekcji, bo nauczyciele na KUL naprawdę bardzo dobrze tłumaczą gramatykę, cały język, słownictwo i tak dalej...


The three weeks I spent studying Polish at KUL Summer School 2007 were marvelous.

The KUL method, skilled instructor and small class size allowed me to make significant progress learning the language. And what a bonus were the daily lectures on history, culture and contemporary affairs! As a career librarian I appreciated the program's structure and focus in using my time well. I am now much better equipped to continue my research into my Polish family history against the backdrop of modern Poland. Cheers for KUL!

Patricia Yocum,

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA