Polish language course for Erasmus+ students

All Erasmus+ students are invited to take part in an intensive Polish language course (free of charge) organized each semester by the School of Polish Language and Culture. The course consists of 60 hours (4 hours per week) throughout each semester and is divided into at least two levels: beginner and intermediate. You can earn 4 ECTS for this course.



Polish language course for ex-Erasmus+ students 2020/2021

Do you want to enjoy your time at KUL again? If so, this offer is for you!

2-week intensive course of Polish Language and Culture in Lublin, Poland at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin for two ex-Erasmus+ students 2020/2021!


The offer is for two students and includes free participation in the course, board and accommodation. The participant covers only travel and insurance costs.


Dates: 5th July – 19th July 2021


This Intensive Course (9:00 to 13:30 and 17:00 to 18:30, 33 hours per week) is designed for students who studied at our university within Erasmus+ programme in 2020/2021 and aim at rapid linguistic progress. In addition to the morning classes, there are afternoon sessions, devoted to oral practice and extended development of vocabulary and pronunciation. Each day consists of a number of Polish language classes and a one-hour lecture (delivered both in Polish and English) on Polish culture, history, or contemporary issues. Language classes are held in groups of no more than ten students to facilitate individual attention and active participation.


Additionally, all courses offer a variety of cultural and social activities such as sightseeing in Lublin, and day trips to picturesque places in the Lublin region or to interesting places along Poland's eastern frontier. Students are given a unique opportunity to meet with celebrities of Polish cultural and political life and see some of the masterpieces of Polish art and architecture. These trips and events are included in the course fee.

More information available on the website of The School of Polish Language and Culture: http://www.kul.pl/school,art_8284.html

How to apply?

If you are interested in this course, take a picture, make a photo collage, record a short video or design a poster that would present your study period at KUL and encourage future Erasmus+ students to study at KUL. The more creative, the better! Please send your works to incoming@kul.pl along with your consent for us to publicise it on our Erasmus+ website. Our jury will choose the authors of the two most original and interesting works and invite them to participate in the course.

Deadline for submitting the works – 7th May 2021 (Friday) through KUL International Exchange Section, contact person: Katarzyna Woźniak e-mail: incoming@kul.pl, tel. +48 81 445 4205 (students from EU and Turkey) or Magdalena Kiczuk e-mail: incoming@kul.pl, tel. +48 81 445 4024 (students from non-EU countries).

Decision: 12th May 2021 (Wednesday) – decision will be sent by e-mail.


We are pleased to inform you that Ludmila Nichita (ULIM, Moldova) is the winner of this year’s edition of Erasmus+ photo & video competition. Congratulations!


1. Ludmila Nichita (from Moldova; studied European Studies; 2020/2021)