Below you will find some tips nad comments from our ex-Erasmus+ students (original spelling):


"ENJOY EVERY SECOND - it's tooo short!!!"

Anna, Germany


"Ask about all the places to go, because the principals one (czekolada, helium, dom kultury...) are not the only one. We have discover some very good places around january (never too late).

Don't hesitate to rent a car or to take buses to go everywhere in poland and around."

David, France



Francisco, Spain


"I hope the future Erasmus student will travel in Poland and abroad as far as possible. Lublin is in a good place in Poland and it‘s easy to take train, bus or plane!"

Mathilde, France


"Fully experience every day because Erasmus will come by really fast!"

Tanja, Croatia


"Enjoy with new people and different cultures that you can meet."

Amaia, Spain


"Follow lecture because it’s useful to improve English and to know people."

Roberta, Italy


"Go to Lublin! And meet Polish persons."

Corentin, France


"Speak to your lecturers individually at the beginning of the semester so that you will know exactly what they are expecting from you at the end of the semester."

Rebecca, Malta


"Don’t be shy to ask for help."

Daryna, Ukraine



"At the beginning I lost a lot of money because I didn’t knew that to pay in zloty is much cheaper than to pay in euro while paying with credit card. So always pay zloty!"

Sandra, Germany


"My advice is not to attend only people of their own country"

Carla, Italy


"Travel as much as you can. Go visit Krakow, Gdansk, Auschwitz, Tatry Mountains and other major spots in Poland. Visit other European countries if you haven’t so far. Go out and party, meet new people – knowing people is sometimes more important than a degree. Study basic polish to make your life easier around as many Poles don’t speak English. Plan a budget and stick to it in order not to run out of money. Every time you buy or pay for something ask if they have discounts for students. Don’t be afraid to ask and to speak. Don’t be afraid to explore and to live full."

Ion, Moldova


"Learn Polish, Travel more, Try Polish cuisine."

Olha, Ukraine